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Q. What if I need service?
A.Great Falls Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for service. A technician is always available by pager. And most problems can be resolved by telephone, saving a night or weekend repair bill.

Q. How many years do I have to rent the system before I own It?
A. You own your system outright. Although some companies may install a system for what appears to be a large savings, what they are in fact selling is a multi-year contract for security services- a lease. If you become dissatisfied with the service that they provide and wish to change companies or move before the end of the lease term, you are obligated to pay for the balance of the lease term. Many companies also program a "anti-takeover code" into the security control, which means that even after the lease is paid and the equipment is yours, you cannot choose another company to monitor and service your system because the control cannot be reprogrammed by someone that does not have the proper code. Great Falls Security Systems never programs an "anti-takeover code" into any of their systems. We feel that the best way to retain clients is with great customer service- not by holding them hostage.

Q. How long will it take to install the system?
A. Most homes and businesses are completed in one day, some may take longer depending upon the complexity of the system. The job will be done with minimum disruption to your home or business, plus we clean up and vacuum as needed. The installation team will generally need access to the basement, the attic, or both, depending upon what is being installed.

Q. What if I want to make changes to the system after the installation is complete?
A. Minor programing changes may be made at anytime so that your system works best for your lifestyle. Passcode changes and additions may be made by you or Great Falls Security. And there is no charge for these changes.

Q. Why should I pay to have my system monitored - won't someone call the police if they hear the siren sound?
A. The purpose of the siren is to let the intruder know that he/she has been found out, so that they stop what they are doing and leave. Counting on others to call the police is not reliable- in the city people are accustomed to sirens of all sorts and generally call the police only when the siren has been running long enough to become a nuisance to someone. In rural areas, it is not probable that anyone will hear the siren and phone the police.

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